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Committed to the Cause



Chief Financial Officer / Treasury

Rafeal White is a highly confident and unique individual.  He thrives as a black male leader who wishes to bring hope to the world.  This characteristic helps him grow.  Furthermore it identifies that he has a heart and seeks to be a humanitarian on a mission that is bigger than himself. Rafeal has a very simple philosophy and equation in one.  F.L.O.W. + Philanthropy = Flowanthropy.  Rafeal is that helping hand featured in the Flowanthropy symbol.  In an effort to lead by example Rafeal is thankful to GOD, to his brothers and to greatness.  That’s effectiveness through genuine love.


Secertary / Human Resource Coordinator

Perez Walker brings a vision necessary to fulfill the mission of Flowanthropy.  (P.A.W.N. - Protection, Attire, Water & Nutriment)  The community is your extended family as far as he is concerned.  Yes, that includes you!!!  His generosity is essential to helping the children of the inner city.  His ideas are creative, powerful and his own.  He is very aware that more needs to be done.  He also embraces the challenge knowing that more will be accomplished because he is at the helm.  Flowanthropy is proud to have him...



President / Director of Personnel

Kevin Dunn has experienced receiving charity as well as housing assistance.  He truly enjoys and appreciates reversing the roles and becoming a provider of relief and assistance hisself.  As he is one of the five black men to utilize their own resources to advance the “P.A.W.N.” mission. (Protection, Attire, Water & Nutriment) He prides himself on being self-taught as well as armed with the simple idea of benefiting the community.  As a team leader he continues to provide a critical service necessary to advance the agenda of assisting our less fortunate and streamlining the process as a team.


Social Media Coordinator

Larenz Studavent is a man of great leadership skills.  He takes great pride in his community as a whole.  He feels a natural obligation to help his surrounding environment.  Larenz is also one of the five black men ecstatic to unite for one purpose.  As the leadership class of our society, he seeks to show the world through action to trust the value of cooperation over competition.  His desire to make giving attractive is a goal of his leadership principles as well as displaying humility as our goals and aspirations for our community are reached.



Volunteer Director

Darius McIntyre believes in second chances.  He has the experience of encountering the legal system.  This challenged him on every level to face the fear of greater confinement.  Understanding the hardship of making a poor decision that alters the course of life.  Darius was a recipient of assistance growing up and appreciates the value they provide.  Darius knows it’s only right to provide assistance through a grassroots organization.  The design in mind is to service the community, embrace cooperation over competition in conjunction with a positive experience.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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