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Who we are!!!


Flowanthropy is a grass roots non-profit organization created for the intents and purposes of addressing the needs in “marginalized communities”.  Based in the city of Detroit and established in 2017 specifically to provide general assistance to those who need help the most.  Surviving in the world is not something to be taken for granted as many of our human family members struggle for what many of us would consider the basics.  We work diligently to aide individuals with these basics utilizing resources gained through the generosity of the founding members, the general public as well as other organizations.   

Flowanthropy hosts various events, participates in many events and does volunteer work.  Driven by the P.A.W.N. philosophy (Protection, Attire, Water & Nutriment) we believe these four items covers the basics of survival.  Protection being the first of the requirements for survival is key.  Protection is broad and can allude to many things from shelter to defense or even resources.  Attire which is the second key to survival is necessary to face the elements of our environment.  This includes items such as shoes, underwear, coats etc... 

Water the third key and arguably the most specific and important key to survival of life.  The final key to survival is Nutriment which like water is pretty specific and very important to survival.  The nutriment you ingest is a strong determining factor of your health.  Flowanthropy is the embodiment of peace, love and harmony and we intend to change the trajectory of these patterns in the community.  We encourage all who wish to help us aide those most in need to contact us.  Together we can do this!!! 

Flowanthropy Caring for the Needs of Your Community!!! 

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